Updating heating baseboards

Baseboarders is the versatile, one-size fits all replacement heater covers that offer homeowners an easy way to refurbish old, ugly and damaged baseboard heaters.The sleek, architecturally-inspired covers take only a couple of minutes to install, and are a simple DIY home improvement project that can dramatically improve the look of any room.“The main benefits to Baseboarders replacement heater covers are the elegant look, the ease of installation and the fact that they are safe for children,” points out Daniel O’Brian, a technical expert from online retailer , which sells an extensive selection of Baseboarders products.There is also a premium tall version available to fit over larger heating elements.To determine the correct size for your specific heater, check out this handy retrofit guide.

Luckily, there is an easy do-it-yourself retrofit for today’s homeowners with Baseboarders.I still recommend an energy audit BIGG *** FAN reseach: Winter Heat Distribution Its not uncommon for the temperature to differ 20F from floor to ceiling in taller spaces, especially in the winter.Say you have a building with a ceiling height of 30-ft.New wall electric hanging heaters do not heat the wall but the air in front of the wall plus they are easy to clean and safer. Yes a heat pump is a good option but not designed for real cold conditions and require a Technician and designer.Most of New England is warmer then Brighton and they work well here . In your case I agree the return on an air heat pump could be a lot different then it is for us in the south .Hi, I have electric baseboards throughout my large house in New England.We have 13' ceilings and as you may suspect very high electric bills.Big *** Fans gently distribute the heat trapped at the ceiling down to the floor, causing the heating system to cycle less frequently, thus reducing your heating bills by as much as 30%.With a 1 to 2 year return on investment, thats more than enough to make you feel all warm and cozy inside.There are many reasons to remove the baseboard style that would take sometime to discuss.Michael is right that you get 100% of the efficiency but at a very high cost of the environment.

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