Updating heating baseboards

The BIGG *** fan is designed to move all the air in the room. This provides a savings of up to 30% in heating over no fan control.Since he spoke of old Electric rads they are energy hogs and not efficient.Hi, I have electric baseboards throughout my large house in New England.We have 13' ceilings and as you may suspect very high electric bills.“Baseboarders heater covers can give your room a whole new look in minutes; they are the sturdiest covers on the market, and they have a lifetime warranty against rust.”Baseboarders replacement heater covers are made of 22-gauge perforated steel with two separate layers of protection against rust: an electroplated galvanized undercoat finished with an epoxy-based top coat in semi-gloss white.The sleek, curved silhouette of the covers allows them to fit easily over most existing baseboard heaters, measuring from 5 ½ to 6 ¾ inches tall, 3 ¼ inches deep from the wall and between 7 ½ to 9 inches from the floor to the top of heater.

I do believe you are in Northern Ontario so you get some $ help we do not .

There are many reasons to remove the baseboard style that would take sometime to discuss.

Michael is right that you get 100% of the efficiency but at a very high cost of the environment.

I still recommend an energy audit BIGG *** FAN reseach: Winter Heat Distribution Its not uncommon for the temperature to differ 20F from floor to ceiling in taller spaces, especially in the winter.

Say you have a building with a ceiling height of 30-ft.

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