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State authorities are also required to accept mail-in voter registrations. states do not require advance registration, instead allowing voters to register when they arrive at the polls, in what is called same day registration or election day registration.Many jurisdictions also offer online registrations. In the United States, states generally require voter registration. North Dakota is the only state which has no registration requirement.For the 2012 election year, California joined this list.Systems of voter registration vary widely from country to country, and sometimes among lower jurisdictions, such as states or provinces.The Australian Electoral Commission maintains Australia's federal electoral roll.Each state also has its own electoral commission or office, but voters need to register only with the AEC, which shares the registration details with the relevant state electoral commission.Because of this history, voter registration laws and practices in the United States have been closely scrutinized by interest groups and the federal government, especially following passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.It authorized federal oversight of jurisdictions with a history of under-representation of certain portions of their populations in voting.

In some jurisdictions, when a person registers a change of residence with a government agency, say, for a driver's license, the government agency may forward the information to the electoral agency to automaticly update the voter registration information.The rules governing registration vary between jurisdictions.Some jurisdictions have "election day registration" and others do not require registration, or may require production of evidence of entitlement to vote at time of voting.In some jurisdictions registration by those of voting age is compulsory, while in most it is optional.In jurisdictions where registration is voluntary, an effort may be made to encourage persons otherwise eligible to vote to register, in what is called as a voter registration drive.Voter registration is mandatory for all citizens 18 years of age or above.The AEC monitors house and apartment sales and sends a reminder (and the forms) to new residents if they have moved to another electorate, making compliance with the law easier.The states maintained such exclusion of most African Americans for more than 60 years.Other minority groups have also been discriminated against by other states at various times in voter registration practices, such as Native Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and other language minorities.In some nations, voters are automatically added to the rolls when they reach legal voting age.In others, potential voters are required to apply to be added to the rolls.

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