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While some of the neater tricks require a Facebook presence (or just a page, really), the robust targeting methods allow you to find users that align with your customer demographics in ways that Google just can’t match.

Interest Categories, Affinity Audiences, and Age/Gender targets in Ad Words don’t hold a candle to the power of a Lookalike Audience.

Performance should inform business decisions and KPIs should drive actions.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are like milestones on the road to online retail success.

They have a pretty nice selection of products to choose from, featuring Site and Look-Alike Retargeting, among other features.

That’s a 40% increase in Conversion volume at only 82% of the Cost Per Conversion.If you’re curious about the do’s and don’ts of Twitter advertising, I’ve got some recommended viewing for you right here – courtesy of Carrie Albright of PPC Hero, John Lee of Clix Marketing, and the fine folks at 3Q Digital. Linked In Another “Greatest Hit of 2013” coming to you from the power duo of Albright & Lee, Carrie and John discussed the top ways for you to grab attention on Linked In with a practical video designed to teach you the basics of advertising on the networking giant. You Tube So this one is kind of a cheat, as it can be managed via an Ad Words account. These first six platforms are likely going to be part of any comprehensive digital strategy – but for those of you who haven’t explored your advertising options on the second-largest search engine on Earth, you should give it a try.There are some pretty neat tricks you can use with your existing Ad Words account that can make the You Tube advertising experience positively painless.Now, in the interest of brevity, I’ll lump a few together for you to explore similar options… So, if you’ve got a product that people blog, talk, or otherwise write about, it might behoove you to give these a try. I’ve seen great returns on the Infolinks platform in particular – but this was for a product that features a metric *ton* of traffic out there in the blogging world. For a site that claims a ‘premium’ inventory, they don’t let you know where your ads actually went. Here’s a fun note: According to Wikipedia, there have been issues with end users on the Clicksor network being subjected to malware but, and I quote: “However, Clicksor has been consistently updating their ad management system to avoid malicious ads – they are currently using The Media Trust, an ad verification system that industry giants like Google, Yahoo and You Tube also use.” Guys, I think someone from Clicksor wrote that on Wikipedia. e Bay Enterprises (The Network Formerly Known As Fetchback) I’ve been working on implementing an advertising campaign with these folks for so long, they’ve gone through a name change. However – this list is by no means definitive, so if you’ve got some extra platforms you’d like to throw in, or some practical advice for expanding your horizons beyond Ad Words, let us know in the comments. Really, though, the length of time has been more an issue of herding the particular client in the direction of completing tasks – my current e Bay Enterprises contacts have been stellar to work with so far. Rocket Fuel I’ll let you know about my experience with these two platforms as soon as they get back to me. Regardless, they both look promising from an ROI and reach standpoint – I’ll be eager to see if the experience lives up to the hype. However: their keyword targeting suggestions remain awful.I’m not targeting Selena Gomez for industrial equipment, no matter how often you ask me, You Tube.As we’ve left Enhanced Campaigns pretty well covered this year, this week we’ll be dedicating our time to some of the (non-Enhanced Campaigns) initiatives, tactics, strategies, and features that we used to excel in 2013 here at PPC Hero. Me, and all the different ad networks I’ve explored in addition to (or instead of) Ad Words over the course of the last year to grow both my accounts and their returns.It’s been a hot-button topic throughout the year, especially in the advent of Enhanced Campaigns. well, then it’s probably about time you got on board. Bing The biggest beneficiary of the Enhanced Campaigns kerfluffle? As Matt Van Wagner declared at Hero Conf this last April in Austin – you should *really* be doing Bing, especially as Enhanced Campaigns muddies the PPC landscape.Selecting KPIs begins with clearly stating goals and understanding what areas of business impact those goals.Of course, KPIs can and should differ for each of an online retailer's goals, whether those are related to boosting sales, streamlining marketing, or improving customer service.

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