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You must have a wireless router unless of course you wish to search and spend the extra money on the ethernet cable dongle hookup that is available if you can find it.

1: Go to your Wii U Home Menu (Not Wara Wara Plaza) 2: Tap the "System Settings" Channel 3: Tap the "Internet" icon (should be the first icon you see) 4: Tap "Connect to the Internet" button 5: When your wireless router shows up tap on it (usually the one with strongest signal) 6: Type in your Wireless Router's Password.

If these steps fail, wait a few hours and try again or move your Wii U closer to your router, if possible.

If you continue to have problems, refer to Nintendo's Troubleshooting Guide.

Internet television (or online television) is the digital distribution of television content, such as TV shows, via the public Internet (which also carries other types of data), as opposed to dedicated terrestrial television via an over-the-air aerial system, cable television, and/or satellite television systems.

It is sometimes called web television, though this phrase is also used to describe the genre of TV shows broadcast only or originally online.

4: Now, go to the internet connection menu on the Wii U and press connection settings. 6: Now, type in your SSID (the name of your network), choose your security type (should be in your route's settings) and input your security key.

9: After that it will prompt you to update your Wii U automatically, if you haven't already done so then go ahead and if you have already updated then just hit "cancel".It has several elements: Examples include: For a more complete list, see List of Internet television providers and List of video hosting services.The public Internet is used for transmission from the streaming servers to the consumer end-user.Use the information "ipconfig" to fill in the information.For this step, make sure to increase the last two digits of your IP address by 10. You can try adding 11, 12, etc...(I do recommend trying to add just the 10 to the last digits first, this should work and is much less confusing, if not then come back and try this note.) 8: Once you confirm, a message will pop up, telling you to configure your DNS settings. 9: Once again, hit "do not auto obtain" and use the number for primary DNS, and for seconday DNS (these are Google's free DNS servers).Note: This is assuming you opted out of connecting to the internet when you first booted up your brand new Wii U.Also, bear in mind that the Wii U only supports wifi, so you cannot connect using ethernet.The mid 2000s were the beginning of television programs becoming available via the Internet.ITunes began offering select television programs and series in 2005, available for download after direct payment.3: Write down the numbers for the IPV4, subnet mask, and default gateway.You also must have your security key which should be located in your router/modem settings.

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