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The receiver tracks the stylus using infrared and ultrasonic sensors.Features The Inkling is designed to be portable and self-contained, unlike tablets that function as input devices for your PC.Wacom describes the Inkling as suitable for rough concept illustrations, doodles and brainstorming sessions, not intricate artwork or detailed diagrams.There’s also no official mention of handwritten notes.We were later able to discern only two or three different stroke weights when we pressed the pen so hard that our paper nearly tore.Subtle shading turned out to be completely impossible.You’ll need to tap its power button to turn it on, and the only other button it has is for creating new layers.

Layers are preserved perfectly, but the Inkling’s other shortcomings are instantly apparent. That’s especially true if you go over the same lines often—you’ll see multiple, slightly offset lines.

In usage, we discovered why: the Inkling’s sensor just isn’t precise enough for more than very basic sketching.

You can’t see what’s going on live on your computer screen.

The pen is thicker than most regular pens but has a matte rubber coating for grip.

It’s quite top-heavy and you can’t hold it too close to the base, which makes it slightly awkward, but not impossible to get used to.

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