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Although his primary objective was to create a wireless telephone that could be commercialized for point-to-point use, beginning in July 1912 Herrold also began making regular weekly entertainment broadcasts, with the debut program featuring phonograph records supplied by the Wiley B. and SJN, plus, for audio transmissions, "San Jose calling".The Radio Act of 1912 established the licensing of stations through the U. Commerce Department, and in late 1915 Herrold was issued an Experimental station license with the call sign 6XF.KCBS operates with a transmitter output of 50,000 watts, and during the daytime can be regularly received as far north as Sacramento and Hopland and south as far as San Luis Obispo.In good conditions it is also heard as far north as Redding and south to Santa Maria.However, the original licensee, Charles Herrold, had begun making audio radio transmissions in 1909, and KCBS has traditionally dated its founding to that year.Herrold's earliest radio work had been largely forgotten until 1959, when Gordon R.In addition, all civilian radio stations were ordered to be dismantled, so for the duration of the conflict Herrold left the airwaves.This wartime government ban on civilian stations was lifted effective October 1, 1919, and in early 1921 Herrold was reissued an Experimental license, again with the call sign 6XF.

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Jason Brooks has served as anchor of business news segments since Bob Price's retirement in 2009.

At night, the station employs a directional antenna, primarily sending its signal to the southeast, in order to protect the coverage of CFZM in Toronto, Ontario, which is the dominant Class A station on the 740 k Hz clear-channel frequency.

KCBS's nighttime signal is heard throughout California, including Los Angeles and San Diego, in addition to several western states, including Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Utah.

KCBS, 740 AM, is an all-news radio station located in San Francisco, California, which serves as the West Coast flagship station for the CBS Radio Network.

It is owned by Entercom, who took over after its merger with CBS Radio, and shares its Battery Street studios with CBS owned-and-operated television station KPIX-TV (channel 5). Its programming is simulcast on co-owned FM station KFRC-FM (106.9) plus that station's HD1 digital sub-channel.

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