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Title: Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass: Whipped Cream and Other Delights | Year Released: 2005 | Record Label: Shout!Building upon South of the Border's (1964) Top Ten success, Herb Alpert dismissed the contingency of Los Angeles-based studio instrumental all-stars, which he had christened the Tijuana Brass.

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Even though there are probably millions of copies of available for a dime in flea markets and garage sales, Shout! Factory 2005One time in high school I flipped through my parents' records hoping that they might have purchased some Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd albums without my knowledge. You know at least two songs on here already: the title track, which was used for the bachelors' theme on is a collection of songs with titles all having to do with food, although this makes little difference once the songs get filtered through Alpert's idiosyncrasies. No such luck, but tucked in between Barbara Streisand and John Denver was a copy of . Almost forty years later it's a bit surprising that his blend of Dixieland, pop, mariachi, and just about everything else caught on like it did. Ostensibly, the personnel wasn't a primary consideration as Alpert and company had already begun making serious inroads on the pop music scene.Not bad, considering the market was being heavily infiltrated, if not practically dominated by the British Invasion.Perhaps the serious retro enthusiasts will pick it up, or maybe the cover will lure others in just like the initial release. Factory has included a full-size reproduction of the original cover in the packaging.)Regardless, since you've heard the Tijuana Brass before, your mind may be already be made up. But as a piece of pop culture, is a great example of slick sixties instrumental pop, and not nearly as bad as you think. It was an appropriate title for an album that many people consumed en masse but critics claimed was light, fluffy, and had little substance or content. gave Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass an overnight success that made them popular with just about everybody. In her left hand she absently holds a long red rose, perhaps a sop to notions of traditional romance, or maybe an unneeded effort by the photographer to add color and more visual interest.Herb Alpert's ' Love Affair' Song Premiere: Listen Now From a straight male point of view, and perhaps from others’, this was the sexiest album cover of the 1960s, as many then-adolescent boys can to this day vividly recall.

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