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It all depends on how you address them when they arise. That way they end up bringing you closer, rather than drive this invisible wedge between you.

The key is to understand that feelings aren't always rational.

Sunday evening's episode of 'Celebrity Big Brother' showed the startling moment Omarosa Manigault suffered an asthma attack during the crew's game of bowling.

On Saturday, following her loss to fellow castmate Marissa Jaret Winokur, Manigault began having difficulties breathing.

Earlier in the conversation Ross asked: 'Is she gonna be back?

I'm currently struggling with a lot of internalized biphobia and other hang-ups about my boyfriend's sexuality.

I've been in a monogamous relationship with my cisgender bisexual boyfriend for about a year.

"But maybe because the potential 'pool of applicants' is over twice as big for us Bi folk, we get stuck with twice as much of this irrational fear? But here's what I do know: most Biphobia (and jealousy for that matter) is projected insecurity.

Built into the fear that someone will leave you because they 'like x or y better' is the assumption that you yourself aren't good enough." And while feelings of insecurity and jealousy can undermine a relationship, ANGST, they don't have to. "But we can turn these moments into opportunities for open communication and intimacy rather than moments of isolation and shame.

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