Who is letoya luckett dating 2016

Though soft spoken in the video of his proposal, it looks like Luckett got her dream come true and has another shot at her happily ever after.

IOE EXCLUSIVE: Letoya Luckett & Tommicus Walker Engaged‼️ (Link In Bio) Visit: #Le Toya Luckett #Destinys Child #Love #Black Love A post shared by Jazzy F.

A beautiful black man that we hadn’t seen or heard about until now! Change is doing something different expecting a new result! Luckett was in a long-term relationship and eventually married, author and public speaker, Rob Hillman Sr. It unfortunately ended in divorce after two months, but we saw them everywhere.

There were numerous pictures of them together and it was not a secret of their relationship.

Luckett is 36 years old and experiencing a second chance at love.

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It can breed bitterness and jealousy in some, ill-will curiosity in others, and magnify issues that were never brought to the surface. Time spent with one another is where you have the necessary conversations that allow you to build a foundation on the truth about one another and not the perception of what you believe and/or desire to portray.

The former Destiny’s Child singer is now happily engaged again, just one year after her divorce and many are wondering who the lucky man is.

The Internet was in a frenzy after her brother, Gavin Luckett posted a video of the whole surprise proposal!

” However, her history with marriage led many to think she wouldn’t take the plunge again. Hugs soothe aches by increasing circulation into the soft tissues. When these are up they heal feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anger. They can create a feeling that someone else is there to help in the face of adversity. – Hugging can make us less susceptible to things like the common cold. #Hug Somebody Today | Photo: @tyealonly a couple months later.

But it looks like with the right man comes the right kind of love, and the two couldn’t be happier to tie the knot! (Doesn’t that beat Kim K.’s marriage to Kris Humphries?

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