Who is smokey robinson dating

The two have been spotted around Nashville together.

(Nashville, TN) -- Cassadee Pope and Sam Palladio are apparently a thing.

24 wedding, you likely stumbled across a photo of Cassadee Pope raving about the event — along with her date, Sam Palladio, who portrays Gunnar Scott on CMT's "I'll pay you later for being my date," Pope quipped on Instagram, making it sound as if the two aren't very serious.

We were somewhat spoiled by the dating selection at Notre Dame.

The freshman Dogbook was comparison shopping at its most convenient. In the real world, you can’t quite be sure what you’re getting.

And I stayed in the game long enough to notice my priorities changing (from “You should see him put away the Jim Beam! When I married at 31, I had been officially dating for half my life.

I devoted a great deal of energy to it, and I seldom gave myself time off.

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