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In 1985, Hoyer joined the congressional Helsinki Commission, which monitored human rights in the Soviet bloc.With little publicity, he flew red-eyes to Eastern Europe and Russia for the next eight years, visiting dissidents, lobbying officials to release political prisoners.The nonpartisan Citizens Against Government Waste eventually gave him a 12 percent career score -- "hostile." A Hoyer spokeswoman says voters have shown time and again that they appreciate "the federal investment he secures." Then there were the whispers in Congress: that Hoyer was too ambitious, too slick.

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"He didn't want to be like his father," says the congressman's daughter Anne Hoyer.

And he started dating Judy Pickett, a warm, energetic schoolmate who was class secretary. Her mother bought him new shoes, cooked for him when his stepfather was on a bender.

Judy was at his side through the rocky start in college and the Kennedy epiphany. But the young reformer quickly befriended the older senators.

But he had an army of volunteers: classmates, friends from the statewide Young Democrats, interns from the U. He and his allies replaced the Prince George's Democratic machine with an organization called the Breakfast Club.

Over coffee and Danish, they met with party factions to plot strategy, pick candidates and dole out judgeships and other posts.

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