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The one-time pol from Prince George's County now stands at a historic juncture, as he tries to steer the resurgent Democrats' agenda through Congress. And, last month, he captured the second-most powerful post in the U. He is known as a pragmatist, skilled at navigating the legislative maze and wooing K Street lobbyists. Yet there is another side: The man who quietly fought for Soviet Bloc dissidents. The idealist who keeps a bust of Kennedy in his office. At 67, Hoyer seems the very image of the Washington political insider, with his starched white shirts and patrician cap of silver hair.

Then one spring day in 1959, a Pontiac convertible cruised past him on campus, carrying a familiar figure. At 4, to Texas, when his dad got a job with the military. At 9, back to New York, when the money ran out and the father took off.

In 1985, Hoyer joined the congressional Helsinki Commission, which monitored human rights in the Soviet bloc.

With little publicity, he flew red-eyes to Eastern Europe and Russia for the next eight years, visiting dissidents, lobbying officials to release political prisoners.

3 job in the party leadership -- to the lower-key David E. As Hoyer fought the political battles, Judy was his sounding board.

She accompanied him to the political dinners, flashing her warm smile.

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