Who is tushar kapoor dating

Scoffing at this, Karan gets married with his sweetheart, Sanjana Jugran, much to the chagrin of her dad; while conservative Bhavesh travels to Vishwamitri, Gujarat, along with his entire family, and gets married to a liberal Prachi Jadeja.Incompatibility issues will soon surface, compelling the duo to retain Jeet as legal counsel to expedite their respective divorce proceedings.

Bollywood woke up to the news of actor Tusshar Kapoor announcing his surrogate child yesterday.

Poor Raja opens a fast food restaurant right opposite a five star hotel run by it's owner Singhania, earning his wrath.

The wealthy hotel owner uses all his influence to remove Raja, but in...

See full summary » Sher Singh lives with his mother and handicapped sister in Punjab but moves to Mumbai, changes his name to Shekhar, meets Nisha and falls in love. See full summary » Wealthy Seth Amirchand (Kader Khan) has two problems, namely his two good-for-nothing sons, Sonu (Sanjay Dutt), and Monu (Govinda).

Their time is mainly spent on comically attempting to ...

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