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She released her debut album, The Way It Is (2005), which spawned five singles: "Never", "I Changed My Mind", "(I Just Want It) To Be Over", "I Should Have Cheated", and "Love".It was certified gold within 17 weeks, and then platinum just eight weeks later.She also enjoyed a brief relationship with Toni Braxton's current beau, Cash Money bossman Birdman.That also ended explosively when Keyshia Cole caught him in the act with another female and beat the woman to a pulp! But we're just praying for Keyshia that the love is truly there too.

The album debuted and peaked at number nine on the Billboard 200, with first week sales of 129,000.Keyshia Cole reportedly visited her boyfriend Birdman early Friday morning and didn't like what she found.The singer, who is dating the CEO of Cash Money, was arrested on Sept.Lately, it seems as though the pair are reconnecting, and it looks like there might be a chance for reconciliation down the line. So she asked if I wanted to come and I was like ‘Sure, I’ll be there to support you.’ We’re getting kind of close.In a new chat with Sister2Sister, Gibson was asked about being seen “out with your wifey” for the first time in a very long time, and while he wouldn’t say that they’re working things out, he does say that they are on better terms and are getting “kind of close” again. We haven’t fell back into anything else, but definitely, the feelings are a little different these days.” But before they could get on better terms, they were on very shaky ground. I take full responsibility for a lot of the stuff that went on.Are you surprised Keyshia called it quits from Hollyweird?Media Take learned that R&B singer Keyshia Cole has a new man, and he’s one of her fans. Her relationship with former NBA player and Love &Hip Hop Hollywood star, Daniel "Booby" Gibson fell to pieces after Booby could not remain faithful.The two had previously opened up their romance to viewers on her own reality show, Welp, both Booby and Keyshia are in a good place now, living separate but copasetic lives.No word yet on why Keyshia quit the show, but we’re guessing it’s because she doesn’t need it. Last season he was “friendly” with three women on the cast, but this year he’s boo’d up.The album has sold 400,000 copies in the US as of November 2012.Cole's fifth album Woman to Woman (2012) debuted at number 10 on the Billboard 200, with first week sales of 96,000, lower than her last effort.

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