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Adapted from Meg Cabot's 2000 bestseller, Diaries crosses young girls' fantasy with high school comedy.Though G-rated, this was not a children's film, but a film that children could certainly watch and enjoy.

Maureen Benigno, local event coordinator for Cupid. Parents Without Partners - This organization predates opportunities for single parents to meet and socialize with other single parents.As soon as you check in and get your first lock or key, set off to try and find its match. A photo posted by Corvaya Jeffries 18 year old dating 15 year old yahoo on Dec 1, at 8: Take their Personality Profile and get instant, objective feedback on yourself and how you relate to others.So get off of that computer, get your butt off of that couch, and come meet some great single people at our Speed Dating events at popular venues around San Diego.It is on this encounter that Mia learns she is royalty, the recently-deceased father she never knew being the heir to the throne of a small country called Genovia. " (emphasis on "up"), responds Mia in the film's most memorable line.How can a royal bloodline extend to a clumsy outcast like her?!And Hathaway is appropriately cast, believable as an ugly duckling and yet convincingly transformed into an attractive but still dorky young woman.As nice as her lead performance is, I don't think anyone foresaw a huge film career for Hathaway, an actress plucked from obscurity and not someone groomed to be a multi-platform sensation like her Disney Channel contemporaries.The Devil Wears Prada is probably the film most responsible for her enduring relevance, but she has repeatedly managed to be a part of hit films, like Get Smart, Marshall's Valentine's Day, and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.Her next credit is as close to a commercial certainty as there exists, playing Catwoman in Chris Nolan's trilogy-closing The Dark Knight Rises.The studio scaled back their live-action family film output around the turn of the millennium, but they still managed to release at least one 0 million-grossing hit almost every single year.2001's not obvious live-action hit was The Princess Diaries.

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