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Atem gently hooked his fingers under my chin, and made me look at him. They are your friends, and I doubt that they won't be your friend anymore, because of your sexuality. And now that, that pesky Pharaoh is gone, I can have you all to myself!

So we don't know how they'll react." I said with a frown, as I took off my night shirt, and put on my black tank top. "I was, but I convince my Grandpa to let me come to your school! Suddenly I was pushed against the wall, his lips on mine.

They only let the kiss last a few seconds before pulling apart and stepping away from each other completely flushed. " *Whistle* Joey and Tristan made a scene of it, Tea smiling quietly.The five of them found one of the games, then Joey quickly deciding teams."Alright, me and Tristan verse Yugi and ___(f/n)." "So a match between the two couples." Tea teased. " Tristan and Joey both shouted, Yugi and ___(f/n) laughing."Looks like we just missed another one of Yugi and ___(f/n)'s couple moments." Tristan observed. "Enough with the mooshy stuff, let's fine one of those four player shooter games guys! "But there's five of us." ___(f/n) pointed out."It's alright, I can sit out for this one." Tea offered. It's been two years since the end of the tournament that Yugi and ___(f/n) met at. "We were heading to the arcade." Yugi answered looking at me happily. "Come on Tristan, let's get a pizza I'm starving." "Sounds good to me." "Great, then you're buyin'." "What?! "How about a some claw machines, your good at those aren't you Yugi?And it has also been two years since ___(f/n) and Yugi started dating. "Here ___(f/n)." Yugi handed the stuffed animal to his girlfriend. But you won it." "I stopped collecting stuffed animals a few years ago." "Really? "Just like you ___(f/n)." Yugi complimented her, it now ___(f/n)'s turn to blush.YOU ARE READING Fanfiction It has now been 3 months since atem left yugi. For dating." He held me closer."I know they won't Aibou. And plus, I thought that Seto and Joey were dating.""Kinda. I nodded and he gently kissed my forehead."OK...""But I know that slut will be mad.""Yami! "You're adorable when you glare Aibou." I pulled away from his grasp as I slipped on my blue jacket. I pulled away from Rebecca, and turned away."Yugi, darling, what's the matter? And I suggest you leave before he does something we'll all regret." She stood frozen for a minute before booking it down the stairs. I walked up to him and pulled him into a hug."I love you so much, Yugi" he mumbled in my hair, as he wrapped his arms around my waist."I love you too, Mou Hitori No Boku. his grades have dropped immensely, and he is becoming skinnier. I headed downstairs and froze as I heard a familiar voice."YUGI! " I ignored her as I booked it upstairs, just for Atem to pull me into a hug. I pulled away from him, and approached her."Listen Rebecca, I was going to kill myself a few days ago, so I could be with him. Lets head to school" After that would situation, me and Atem headed to walk to school, but he didn't turn invisible. I bit my lower TV lip, as I wondered if it's was an good idea or not. I'm sure everything will be fine//\I hope so, Atemu.\ At lunch I but my lip, as the others gaped at me and Atemu. Tea had had hearts in her eyes and Atems mixed between wanting to barf and wanting to rip her head off. "Hey Yugi." ___(f/n) stood at the doorway in a ___(f/c) v-neck and a mini skirt, along with a golden necklace that rested on her chest. " I reached into my pocket, pulling out a card and handing it to ___(f/n). I moved back looking at him, my eyes still a bit wet from tears of joy. "___(f/n), I love you." "I love you to Yugi." Here it is, the extra chapter. She looked stunning, I could feel a blush forming on my cheeks. " "Yeah." I stepped out of the game shop, closing the door behind me and standing next to ___(f/n). You asked me to wear something business casual." "Just the park." I answered. I've never seen that outfit before, it looks nice on you." "Thanks, and you look beautiful." ___(f/n) smiled, reaching over and grabbing my hand. I'm fine." We soon reached the park, walking around together for a while and enjoying the day. Yugi was smiling as I stared at him, the card still in my hand I had given him back then in the tournament.

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