Yugi rebecca dating fanfiction

They both moved in bit by bit, stopping centimeters from each others lips, Tea Joey and Tristan all standing in anticipation.

Neither of them were moving any further and they were both becoming increasingly embarrassed, so ___(f/n) decided it was best to just do it.

"It's such a nice day out today." ___(f/n) spoke up.

Joey ended up not even placing, with Rebecca in third. "___(f/n)." Yugi smiled, me taking his hand in mine. " Tea announced, the two of them dragging me off to one of the games. "Wow on your first try to Yugi, I'm terrible at those." ___(f/n) commented.

" Tristan and Joey picked at Yugi as him and ___(f/n) sat down on the couch together, his friends having already turned on a movie. ___(f/n) smiled and on his shoulder watching the movie, Tristan and Joey looked at this and then each other. Them having had dueled against each other in most likely both of their favorite duels ever, Yugi having still taken first winning while ___(f/n) was in second. "Sounds fun." We all walked through the city to the arcade, still just as carefree as we usually were. " Joey and Tristan walked off, leaving me Tea and ___(f/n) together. We can't let them have all the fun." Tea asked. " "Hehe, well I don't know, I'm okay." "Don't pretend Yugi, you're great at them! " Tea laughed as a plush ___(f/c) bear dropped into the prize slot of the machine.

"Hey Yugi." ___(f/n) stood at the doorway in a ___(f/c) v-neck and a mini skirt, along with a golden necklace that rested on her chest. " I reached into my pocket, pulling out a card and handing it to ___(f/n). I moved back looking at him, my eyes still a bit wet from tears of joy. "___(f/n), I love you." "I love you to Yugi." Here it is, the extra chapter.

She looked stunning, I could feel a blush forming on my cheeks. " "Yeah." I stepped out of the game shop, closing the door behind me and standing next to ___(f/n). You asked me to wear something business casual." "Just the park." I answered. I've never seen that outfit before, it looks nice on you." "Thanks, and you look beautiful." ___(f/n) smiled, reaching over and grabbing my hand. I'm fine." We soon reached the park, walking around together for a while and enjoying the day. Yugi was smiling as I stared at him, the card still in my hand I had given him back then in the tournament.

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